G-DRAGON JENNIE caught the Dispatch for the first year of dating Find out the age difference agency

G-DRAGON JENNIE caught the Dispatch for the first year of dating Find out the age difference agency


G-Dragon Profile

Real Name: Kwon Ji-yong
Occupation: Singer, Music Producer
Born: August 1988
Body: 177cm, 58kg
Agency: YG Entertainment
Winner: 2009 1st Melon Music Awards Album of the Year Award
2009 11th Mnet Asian Music Awards Album of the Year Award

Jennie Profile

Real Name: Kim Jeni
Born: Born in January 1996 (24 years old)
Address: Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Nationality: Korea
Body: 163cm, 45Kg, B type
Family: Parents
Dog: Kai, Kuma
Education: Cheongdam Elementary School (transfer)
Waikowhai Intermediate School (Graduation)
ACG Parnell College (Transfer)
Cheongdam Middle School (Graduation)
Agency: Affiliation group
Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocal
Debut: 2016 Black Pink Single Vol.1 SQUARE ONE

G-Dragon Jenny Devotees
There was a report that Big Bang G-Dragon and Black Pink Jenny were in love.
On February 24th, the entertainment media “Dispatch” reported that G-Dragon and Jenny, belonging to YG, captured it for the first year and are in love.
According to Dispatch, the two had a date at G-Dragon’s penthouse in Hannam-dong.
It is known that G-Dragon’s penthouse must go through several authentication security procedures from entrance to elevator boarding.
It is said to be the best place for a secret date.
Jenny is said to have frequented her YG company car carnival by registering her in Gdy’s penthouse villa.
Jenny passed the front door without a separate authentication process, entered the private parking lot, and used a dedicated elevator,
The media announced that they went directly to the penthouse.
It is said that GD Jenny’s relationship was an open secret even within YG.
First of all, it is said that Jenny’s manager is in charge of “ride”.
It is said to drop Jenny (to Gdy’s house) and bring her, but sometimes Gdy’s manager does the job.
Dispatch borrowed the words of the two close friends, saying, “A lot of people are aware of the relationship between the two at YG.”
“Jenny’s mother knows about her relationship with Gdy. She said, “Thank you for taking special care of me.”

Agency professional full text
YG Entertainment said, “It is difficult for the company to confirm the personal personal life of an artist.
Thank you for your understanding.”
We are sticking to the position of neither positive nor negative as when the dating rumor broke out.
However, YG Entertainment excludes the case of Big Bang Taeyang.
In most dating rumors, he put up a position that “privacy can not be checked”,
This position is interpreted as having nothing to do with whether the two are devoted or not.
Meanwhile, G-Dragon had a dating rumor with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara and group after school actor Joo-yeon Lee.
Jenny has been reported to be dating group EXO Kai.

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